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Moving FAQ’s

Since you don’t move every day like we do, we understand there are a lot of questions you will have about your move.  Go ahead and ask away.  Here are some frequently asked questions.

Q. How long will my move take?

A. Every move is different.  There are several factors that determine how long the move is going to take.  The amount of furniture, belongings, and boxes is just a start.  Other factors:


Q. Are you licensed and insured?

A. Secure Moving is licensed and insured.  We carry general liability, motor cargo, & workman’s comp insurance.


Q.  How can I reduce the cost of my move?

A. The more prepared you are when the movers show up, the cheaper it will be.


Q. Do I need to empty my dresser drawers in order to move the dresser?

A. Generally, you don’t have to. However, if there are tight turns, handrails to navigate, or the furniture is already heavy, I suggest emptying.  Please don’t overstuff dressers with extra junk as well.


Q. Should I tip my movers?

A. As with other service industries, you may wish to thank the movers for a job well done by offering a gratuity.  If you choose to, tip each mover separately based on performance.